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Recuerdo, a German programme explained in English.
Hans-J. Stoffels, Montabaurer Weg 6, 51105 Köln, Germany. Köln = Cologne.
Hans-Jürgen mit kleinem Schützling

This is me with a little friend.

Well, go through the menu (left) one by one to understand the game so you can use it.

Why is the game called “Recuerdo”? Because the games of this kind are called Memory in germany, but the expression is protected. So I called it Super Jokermemo with its special name in Spanish which actually means translated: Memory, Souvenir, Remembering.


This ist the Start Window of version 18 of this game: Recuerdo, Super Jokermemo. With clicking to OK you will get into the game, but with klicking to the triangle (zurück) you leave it. In case you started it by mistake.

The pictures show me and our grandchild Celine who is part of the game in form of cards as many others. Actually the game contains more than 7000 picture cards presenting many quite different subjects such as cars, landscape, children, portraits, cartoons, simple cards for smaller ones and many others. Even letter and number cards for learning in case of pre-school children.

At the left you can see 4 cards of which one is from the group “children” and two from the group “toys” and one from the group “animals”. In the title scene above you can see two from the group “portraits”, one from the simple group (a frog) and two of the special cards as an example. One bonus card and a joker card.

"Hallo ich bin Celines Teddy ... spiel mit mir!"
"Wuff" ... spiel mit mir!
Spielkarte aus dem Spiel Jokermemo
Spielkarte aus dem Spiel Jokermemo

This game is no absolute freeware and not to be published elsewhere. It is only accessible from this site and no other. It is a full version given here only by me for download as long as it is on this site. No other. -